Reasons You Need a Minivan
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The Mom Mobile:Reasons Why You Need a Minivan

My mom mobile was my saving grace in my transition from one to two kiddos. Just a month after I found out I was pregnant with number two, I bid adeu to my SUV and joined the minivan mafia.

I know that minivans get a bad rep for being uncool, so I am here to change that reputation. Well, I won’t help on the Instagram trending front but I can explain how my snack wagon has helped me live my best mom life.

Are you on the fence for if you want to make a lifestyle change and embrace the space?

Reasons Why You Need a Minivan

Sliding Doors

Have you ever had to shove an infant car seat across the back row of a car or SUV because the car next to you parked too closely? I became an instant Crabby McCraberson if my car door couldn’t open all the way.

With sliding doors, I get smug satisfaction that I can easily get my kids in and out. Plus I don’t have to worry about them door dinging the car next to me. Not on my watch!

Maneuverability Inside

An INSIDE middle aisle is where it’s at!

Moms Night Out? Going for an outing downtown? Just stroll down the middle aisle to sit in the back row. I don’t even need to break a sweat removing and reinstalling restraining devices for my tiny humans.

Reasons Why You Need a Minivan

Winter Survival

Here’s my favorite trick for Minnesota days that are so cold you might die – I climb over the center console to bundle up my children.

I park, push my seat back a little, grunt and make a GIANT lunge to the middle aisle. Then I start zipping up jackets and putting on winter accessories that will soon be thrown off.

Instead of standing outside freezing my buns off while waiting on little people to “do it myself,” I stay warm and toasty hunkered down in my center aisle before opening up the sliding doors from the inside.

** Disclaimer: You will want to wear yoga pants and properly stretch before climbing over your center console. I count it as my pilates workout for the week.**

***Also make sure you are not parked near anyone you whose opinion matters to you. The visual of you completing such an impressive display of athletic ability might cause them to giggle whenever they see you. Once seen, this cannot be unseen.***

Reasons Why You Need a Minivan

Spacious Interior

The floor space is a huge plus for running errands and taking kiddos to school. My little man can open up his door, climb in by himself, and close the door on his own.

That way he can bounce around giggling in the backseat while I strap his little sister into her sit. He was for me to growl out a countdown for when he needs his rear end to be in his seat.

The mom-mobile also has plenty of space for setting backpacks and snow gear on the floor so it is easily accessible once we get to school.

My toddler has accepted the challenge of attempting to cover the surface area with as many Cheerios as possible. Should we get stuck in a snow bank, we could survive off the floor crumbs alone for at least 24 hours.

Going on family vacations means packing obnoxious amounts of gear if you have small humans involved. It used to be a Tetris puzzle to fit all of the necessary equipment for my little dears. My minivan has seats that fold down in the back to provide ample amounts of room for sleeping accessories.

(Pssst… All that gear won’t help with sleep while your family is on vacation).

Reasons Why You Need a Minivan

Discreet Nursing Spot

If I found myself needing to feed my baby while running errands, the back row of my minivan came in handy on many occasions.

The windows in the back of my minivan are tinted, and the row is secluded. It’s a comfy location for getting the job done without having a feral toddler on the loose.

I distracted my toddler with snacks while he was strapped in his car seat. If I got desperate, I would play a movie for him on the minivan’s tv screen.

Extra Bells and Whistles To Help With Mom Brain

If you are ready to switch over to the spacious side, here are a few extra features to help you survive the sleep deprived phases of motherhood.

Key Fob

Just having this in your diaper bag next to the door unlocks your dream mom mobile. That means you don’t need to fumble through a purse or diaper bag while trying to hold a toddler’s hand and balance a baby on the hip.

Smart Key System

My minivan doesn’t let the doors lock if a key fob is inside it. On a few occasions I have been so confused as to why my doors where beeping instead of locking.

It finally dawned on me that my key fob was in my purse, inside of the car.

Thank you to whoever created that feature. You have saved me from locking myself out of my vehicle while in the company of two small kiddos. This has saved me from ruining several days.

Reasons Why You Need A Minivan

Backup Camera

Many more times than I care to admit, I have put my minivan into reverse only to see my stroller patiently waiting to be added into the trunk on the backup camera. Whoops!

Especially in the newborn phase, I had a habit of almost driving off without it. I was successful a few times because I parked in a spot where I was able to pull ahead. I left the stroller behind in a cloud of dust at my son’s school, the pet store, the gym, etc. At my next stop, I was extremely confused when staring at an empty trunk.

My backup camera helps keep the number of stroller retrieval missions at bay.

Embrace It!

I know the image of driving a minivan might not appeal to you. However, once you sit in your captain’s chair with your tiny crew behind you it’s easy to get on board with the idea.

Just remember to check for your stroller before anchors away time.

Reasons You Need a Minivan to Live Your Best Mom Life

As a kid, my father would continuously tell me that situations I encountered built character. This is the result. I am a SAHM with two little bosses and one flatulent French Bulldog. I NEED coffee in the morning to be able to face the day, but once I am fully charged I am ready to share my thoughts, some giggles, and encouragement with you.


  • Rachel

    Hahaha! I love the candid humor of this article. I joined the minivan mafia a long time ago and have never gone back. 🙂

  • Quijuana

    This is so cool. I immediately wanted a minivan when I got pregnant, but my husband was totally against it. Then came the second kid, and he still was NO. We had a luxury vehicle so he didn’t want to part. Well 8 years later, I still don’t have my mini-van. But I hadn’t even thought of the middle aisle; that would’ve saved so many arguments from one crossing over the other and “touching me” lol.

  • Elease @ The Sunny Side

    Oh! Isn’t it funny how different phases of parenting bring different needs? I’m well past the minivan stage of parenting but the irony is— when adding post ideas to my idea pool this week there was one titled: I Wish I Had A Minivan. Not because of all the great features you just laid out, but because of the nestaligic nature of simplicity that stage of life’s goes back to. A sweet young mother drove by with her two little yesterday and I nearly wept. Had you asked me then if it felt simple I’d probably bitch slap you! But with the parent that comes along with two teens, well— I wish I had a minivan.

    Sorry to take up so much space here thinking about it! I feel like I have a good framework to begin. Enjoy every moment of your minivan lifestyle! It’s more special then you think. ☀️

    • Sonja

      It IS funny! Currently, my challenges are more dealing with exhaustion and energy levels. I know I am in for more complicated issues as my little ones grow. One of the reasons why I love my minivan is because of what I get to witness in the rearview mirror. The belly laughs and jokes that go back and forth between my two little ones makes me want to freeze time for just that moment.

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