• Oh, The Laundry You'll Fold!
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    Oh, The Laundry You’ll Fold!

    Dr. Seuss Parody for Pregnant Mamas Congratulations! A babe any day.Can’t reach your shoe laces.Your babe’s in the way! You’ve mixed thoughts in your head.You can’t fit in your shoes.Can’t make up your mindof which name you will choose.So hang in there mama, the end is in sight.Soon YOU’LL be the one snuggling babe through the night. OH, THE LAUNDRY YOU’LL FOLD! You’ll be wearing spit ups!You’ll be changing blowouts!You’ll join the mamas who                       wash crazy amounts. You won’t get behind, and keep the right speedYou’ll wash the whole load and clean all that you need.Whenever you dry, you’ll be cleanest of clean.Wherever you go, your nice clothes will gleam.…

  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants
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    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants

    I met my best friend from college on the first day, as we were getting set up in dorm rooms across the hall from each other.  When it came time for her to say goodbye to her family, she started tearing up.  My instincts told me I needed to reach out and hug her.  So I did. We became instant friends and discovered several similarities in our upbringing — a love of the outdoors, both parents who worked in education, and strange fathers who are notorious jokesters. There have been many more hugs since our first day of college.  Hugs of congratulations, grief, being reunited, long Minnesota goodbyes, and thank-goodness-you-are-here-my-friend.…